4x4 Hardwood Space and Solar Double Sided Gem Blocks

4x4 Hardwood Space and Solar Double Sided Gem Blocks

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Our 4x4 Space and Solar Double Sided Gem Blocks are the perfect addition to any  space themed invitation to play. These blocks have been designed for all those little space enthusiasts.

You will receive a boxed set of randomly selected mixed Space and Solar themed blocks. Gem Designs will vary in each set.


Our Space blocks have been designed to encase the double sided space and solar gems, making them perfect for children.  The also double as a sensory block with a rattle and are made in hardwood European Beech


All our products are designed and made with children’s safety in mind and made to meet AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS/NZS 8124.

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All products are intended and designed for children above the age of 36 months Some products may pose a choking hazard and it is not recommended that children who still put objects in their mouth have access to our toys unless fully supervised.  

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